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For New Moms

Your relationship with baby will increase when you have skin to skin cuddle time. Human touch is soothing for both you and baby, so hold him/her often and stroke him/her gently. 👶👼 Regarding breastmilk- Are you worried that breastmilk is sufficient for your little one or not? Here are some signs by which you can be sure about the same- 1. Check urine colour it must be pale, if its dark than milk is not sufficient for him/her. 2. In the whole day baby should wet atleast 6-8 diapers. The stool should be pasty & soft in texture and is of mustard yellow or green colour. 3. Weight gain- the baby has to be gained 500 gm to 1 kg in every month. 4. Look if your baby's chin touches your breast it means they are taking mouthful milk while feeding. 5. If the baby is taking sufficient milk then he/she will sleep 2-3 hours well. Signs your baby is hungry: Moving head side to side Opening mouth  Sticking out tounge Puckering lips Putting hands & legs on mouth Nuzzlin
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Nothing is Perfect in this Imperfect World......

Hey Mommies, Dont find the mistakes on your little champ's work. Do not try to teach them the perfect work always. You also dont think to do the perfect work. Just do the right things for your baby and teach them about the same. I realised many Moms are trying to do perfect work for their child. They want each & every things in perfect manner. If the baby do not work according to them so they feel distressed.  Most of the Moms starts to compare their child with others. As well as not enjoying the baby's childhood. Cammon Moms, your baby is just a kid. Please do not bound them in your boundaries. Leave them to do chaos. Let them to do naughty works. For a kid everything is perfect as per their age. We just need to do that to keep your eyes on their work. I can understand that we need to teach them the right & perfect things but we should not forget that they are kid. They will learn slowly, they will do the mistake & learn with their mistakes. Let them enjoy

Kids activity during lockdown....

Today my little princess (Dhriti) has sung a poem in her Stammered voice. Dhriti is my daughter and she is 2.5 years old. Due to lockdown I am spending my most of the time with her. Today when I was cooking in the kitchen, I saw she was playing with her toys and singing the poem herself in the drawing room. I hide behind the curtain and listening to her. She was singing- " Aaloo ni ni kachaaloo ni ni ka gaye they, bandar ni jhopari ni ni, so rahe they. Bandar ni laat maari ro rahe they,  mummy ni ni pyaar kia has rahe they, papa ni paise diye nach rahe they." It was beautiful time when I listened her poem in her stammered voice!! When she has noticed that I am listening to her then she stopped singing and smiling. But I had appreciated her by clapping so she has started again to sing.  As a parents we need to give appreciation, attention and do motivate for the good work. All kids wants this to do the new things.